We all like to feel comfortable, at ease, relaxed… And we all like to be surrounded by friends, enjoy good music and eat good food… In short: We all love to chill! (If not, please find help before reading on.)

Luckily for us CHILLP knows how to reflect this lust for good times and positive vibes in a minimalistic, limited and organic line of clothing. Highly conceptual in its nature but extremely wearable in its execution as the thin fabrics, loose fits and no nonsense designs are perfect for any occasion. This is what made the Amsterdam based brand with its trademark bird paw logo a favourite in the capital’s creative underground scene since its founding in 2009.

Just like the production process, the fabrics, and the wrapping materials, the development of the brands identity can be described as organic. The prints, subjects and styles just unfold as founder Roos Neeter finds her way in life. At the moment we’re talking things such as art, music and yoga. But don’t complain if next years collection is about rock climbing and dolphin training… One thing is for sure though. It will always be fit to chill…


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